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Download packaged distribution of kissdx

Whatever your configuration, we recommend reading the appropriate kissdx installation guide:

   Linux installation page
   Windows installation page

IPKG package for Optware and ARM platforms

On Optware platforms

Binaries are available through ipkg feeds.

  ipkg install kissdx

On other big-endian linux ARM platforms

  ipkg install

Debian package

to be done in future

Win32 & NLSU2 kissdx binaries (manual installation)

   Refer to readme latest release :
   Download reference section :

Synology DS-107+ installation

CPU Marvell 88F5281 - ARM9E processor family, ARMv5TEJ architecture Kissdx.tar or Kissdx-0.14b1a.tar libcharset.tar Libdvdread.tar Libiconv.tar Libjpeg.tar

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