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<GOTO href="<url>" />


You can pass parameters to the page, whith the normal GET querry method ex: value&parameter2=some value...

But bee aware that since KML is inbeded in XML you have to replace the '&' with the HTML escape sequence '&amp;' So the above example in KML would be:

<GOTO href=";parameter2=some value" />

(The player will automaticly append the ussual parameters)

Return path

You can use the system variable $$PREVIOUSDOCUMENT$$ to return to the previos page:


Or using the Return button on the remote:

<KEY id="93">
      <GOTO href="$$PREVIOUSDOCUMENT$$" />

NB: Unfortunatly the play dosen't keep track very well. If a page call it self (which more complex pages often do) $$PREVIOUSDOCUMENT$$ only refer to it self. In functional scripted pages you should therefore keep track of the return path in the script.

--Simon Rigét 02:45, 14 June 2007 (CEST)