KISS DP-558 Powersupply Modification

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This page gives a step by step guide for modification of the KISS DP-558 Power Supply due to leaking/defective PSU capacitors.

The KISS DP-558 power supply has a construction error, that makes it fail, typically after beeing used 24/7 ranging from 1-3 years. The problem is proberly caused by the extensive heat that the unit generates combined low voltage capacitors (10 volt).

Mine failed after 2 years and 8 month beeing used 24/7.

Please observe, that making any modifications the the KISS DP-558 will void the warrenty, so proceed at own risk

KISS DP-558 is a highend harddisk recorder, with internet connection and FTP server and integrated online EPG (electronic Program Guide).

The DP-558 basically consist of a Powersupply unit, a main computer board, one DVD drive, one harddisk and a front unit

The harddisk is supplied by a +12 Volt (yellow) and +5 Volt (red). Ground is wired as black. When this type of error occures, both +12 volt and +5 volt linies drop in voltage. To make sure this fix is nessary for your type of error, check for the following symptoms:

Typical symptoms to look for:

  • LCD Displays only: "KISS DVD"
  • LCD Displays only: "BOOT ERR
  • Harddisk does not spin up when unit is powered on
  • It is not possible to open DVD drive
  • No reaction to remote control
  • Display illumination is lower than usual
  • Capacitors C19,C20,C15 of PSU may show leakage
  • +12 volt and +5 volt supply to the KISS DP-558 harddisk is low (e.g 11 and 3 volt)

Step 1: Remove mains power line, and wait at least 30 minutes before any repair is started.

Step 2: Remove cover of the unit.

Step 3: Located the Power Supply Module (PSU). PSU Type must be: Achme AM561B

PSU dp558.jpg

Step 4: Disconnet the 4 power connectors from PSU module

Step 5: Remove the 4 screws mounting the PSU to chassie

Step 6: Located capacitor C19,C20 and C15


Step 7: Remove the Capacitors C19,C20 and C15

Remove capacitor.jpg

Step 8: Replace the capacitors as followes (please observe polarity of capacitors +/-):

  • C15 1000 uF 16V 105C (Type: WGR Radial, Low impedance)
  • C19 2200 uF 16V 105C (Type: WGR Radial, Low impedance)
  • C20 1000 uF 16V 105C (Type: WGR Radial, Low impedance)

Old capacitor.jpg

Step 9: Reassemble the unit.

Final Note: it may be a good idea to replace other capacitors if they show sign of leakage. Please also note that a capacitor may be out of order even if it show not sign of leakage.