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INSTALL IdxGenerator

  • 2. Extract all files from the zip file to a folder, e.g. new folder C:\Tools\IdxGenerator
  • 3. Create a shortcut to IdxGen.exe on your desktop: In Explorer, right-click C:\Tools\IdxGenerator\IdxGen.exe, select Copy. Then right-click empty space on your desktop, select Paste Shortcut.

USE IdxGenerator

  • 1. Store the VOB/MPEG file in a folder on your PC, e.g. C:\TEMP\movie.vob
  • 2. Generate idx file: In Explorer, click and drag the VOB file, drop it on the shortcut to IdxGen.exe.
  • 3. IdxGenerator runs in a command window, shows progress, and closes when finished. You should now have a new idx file, e.g. C:\TEMP\movie.idx
  • 4. Using your FTP client, copy the VOB file and the idx file onto your KiSS player. Remember to rename MPEG to VOB first.