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Kiss Commander

  • manage files directly on Kiss HDD
  • manage processes on Kiss
  • display memory usage on Kiss
 Kiss Commander needs telnet connection to Kiss to work. Please enter Kiss IP address and telnet port number on startup.
 KissCommander runs on windows, it was tested on Windows XP SP1, and Windows 98.

 Kiss Memory :
 Every instance of Kiss Commander will consume another 1200 kb of Kiss
 memory. And if your Kiss runs out of memory it will chrash, so be carefull !
 You can check free memory with telnet connection and command Free.
 If you disable memory checking in setup (enter 0 in Refresh Free Memory info
 rate) Kiss Commander wil consume 600 kb,  but if you press CTRL+M (shortcut for
 Refresh now) memory consumption will raise again on 1200 kb. In short for "free
 memory info" command Kiss Commander uses another telnet connection, and every
 telnet connection consumes aproximatly 600 kb.

 Running Processes:
 Do *NOT* kill processes on Kiss unless you are sure what you are doing ! Kiss
 Commander uses two lash processes (if memory info enabled) and if you kill one
 of this two processes it will stop working properly.
 Report any problems to project issue tracking system at :

  • PLEASE* be aware that this is test and incomplete version !
  • WARNING*: This software is provided 'as-is', without warranty of any kind,either expressed or implied. In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

Antonio Bakula, 02.11.2005 e-mail: