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KiSS forwarder

This utility must run on the PC-Link machine if you would like to use it. It makes it posible to manage multiple KiSS-portals and favorite webstreams.

This version can work with a maximum of 8 KML-portals and 20 webstreams. It generates menus which are very familiar from the WebRadio2-system :-)

You can also use it to only redirect to another KiSS-portal without any menu.

If you want to run this utility when you start up your PC, you can use the parameter --minimized, like "kissforwarder.exe --minimized"

For more information and the changelog, check out

* Download kiss-forwarder

  • This executable contains a very small webserver which can only respond on GET-requests.
 The server will run at *:8888.
 It contains the following files:
 /index.kml (text/html)
 /radiolist.kml (text/html)
 /playstream.kml (text/html)
 /playlist.pls (audio/x-scpls)
 playlist.kml can contain a parameter 'page' like playlist.kml?page=1
 playstream.kml must contain a parameter 'id' like playstream.kml?id=1
 playlist.pls must contain a parameter 'id' like playlist.pls?id=1
 Also a very small 404 HTML-page is included (text/html)