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Help for Xvid modifier

As you surely know there is a problem identfy XVID files that will make problems on KISS. The Gspot just check QPEL, GMC, Divx or OGG audio, but cant identify problematic XVID.

Recommend to add to the next version of the Missing Manual (After the Gspot section), and to add the MPEG4 Modifier 1.1.0 to the downloads section.

After this addition any Kiss user can identify ,using Gspot and MPEG4 Modifier all Avi files for full Kiss competability.

Here is the procedure:
If people find that you get xvid files with jerky playback, then it is most likely that the xvid contains packeted bitstreams.
The Kiss Player does not support packeted bitstreams, but dont panic, there is a solution. You need to remove the packeted bitstreams, this does not take long.

Download MPEG4 Modifier 1.1.0 (not 1.2.0 as this version has some problems).

Download Mpeg4Modifier_Guide.pdf

To operate the MPEG4 Modifier you have to install .Net Framework which you can download from Microsoft web site.

Open the avi with MPEG Modifier (no need to change any settings).

Under packed bitstream it will tell you if the xvid has them or not, if 'NO' then you are ok to burn and watch it. If it said 'YES' to packed bitstreams, then you need to remove them.
To do this check the unpack box (you will get a note popup, read it and click ok). As the note said, you need to edit the UserData.

Under UserData you will see a string something like 'DivX503b0985p' ckick on it then click edit and change the 'p' to an 'n' and click ok. Once done click save and save it with a new file name.

The string 'DivX503b0985p' in the UserData tells you what codec was used and if it has packeted data or not. If it has packeted data it will have a 'p' on the end, if it does not it will have an 'n'.

Burn the new saved file as normal and enjoy!

  • Admin Note: Updates from version 1.1.0:
 New feature: option to automatically change user data when unpacking 
 Fixed bugs with 'rec ' list indexing 
 Added progress bar during load and save 
 A file can be loaded from the command line, or by dropping it on the AVI Source text box 
 Error checking is less strict (no more "No dummy N-VOP found for packed frame" and "Invalid VOL" errors) 
 Files are closed sooner, and output file is deleted if an error occurs during save 
 Other code improvements and clean-up