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KiSS players run uClinux 2.4.17 for ARM processors without a MMU. Specifically, it runs the Sigma Designs' port for the JASPER architecture platform. The GPL'd portions of the kernel have been released by KiSS.

You need to have a working crosscompiler

It was built using a RedHat-6.2 system and the default gcc/binutils installation directory of /usr/local. The binary package is a self extracting script so that it can take care of cleaning up from previous installations which is critical to a working toolchain.

You also need to download the GPL files

Just copy your config file to .config and run

make ARCH=armnommu CROSS_COMPILE=arm-elf- oldconfig dep linux

So if you want to create a VR-558 kernel you need to

cp VR-558.release.kernel .config
make ARCH=armnommu CROSS_COMPILE=arm-elf- oldconfig dep linux

If you are interested in a kernel completely running from NFS, check out Running a Custom Firmware from NFS or feel free to contact me, dnewir723n [1].