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This is a community cookbook for the KiSS HD recorder.
Please feel free to add your knowledge and experience, so we all can get the most out of our devices. If you are a new user: put all the things you wish to know or discover in here. Maybe someone else will fill out the empty pages.

Main Content:

   Initial Setup:
       Mapping Channel 
       Scheduling recording
   Network & PC-link:
       Wireless ADHOC connection (without Internet/Router)
       Transferring files to and from the KiSS player
       PC-Link 3.0.5 - Adding support for new extensions in PC-Link
       PC-Link alternatives
       PC-link port 8000 test
       Other PC link issues 
   Online Services:
       Local news in local languages
       List of available online services 
       EPG setup
   Editing and files
       Editing recorded video
       Recording form DVD (Ripping)  
       Recording from video tape
       Audio recordings
       File formats 
       Compressing (Re-encoding) files
       Fixing files for KiSS
       Getting movies from bit-torrents
       SCART to ??? connection 
       Firmware update
   Change and repare the player
       How to rebuild the Linux kernal (FW)
       Reparing the Power supply
       PSU KiSS DP-558 Diagram
       Change FW to Stage 2
       Disk full problem

Multimedia servers:

The KiSS is a nice Multimedia player, but there are a lot of things it cant do, like compressing movies, connecting to externals disks, retrieve stuff from bit torrents etc. If you don't want to do all that manually on your PC, you need to set up a server to work as an extension to KiSS, performing the missing functionality.

If you are familiar with Unix, you can set up a very old PC or portable as a headless Unix server and place it in the cellar. (Headless = no screen or keyboard needed) If you prefer MS windows, you will probably need a much less old machine...

The following are guides to install and configure a multimedia server, that can do most of those tedious functions:

   UNIX server
       Operating System
       Setup for use with a MS windows desktop
       Set up a streaming server
       Automatic retrieval and encoding of video recordings
       Set up bit-torrents
       Adding to the KiSS menus with a KML server

       Attaching Network disks (NAS)
       Serving KML menus and pages

       Editing videos on the server (with KiSS CE)
       Attaching a WD MyBook World disk (NAS)
   Windows server
       How to use KML Start Page
   kissdx on FreeNAS

Stage 2

Stage2 is a community developed firmware based on then the original firmware. I basicly open up the player with telnet and web access and allow for a lot of cool and-ons and modifications.

   Stage 2 main page
   Change idle spindown time on the HD

KISS 1600 Special:

       Firmware Upgrade procedure
       Firmware downgrade procedure 
       Ejecting the tray
       Supported H.264 video files with latest firmware v1.1.4

Other resources:

   Remote codes DP600 
   Remote codes DP1100
   List of chipsets used in KiSS players 
   Retrieving Profile and Level of an H.264 file
   Using MPEG4 Modifier

Originally by --Simon Rigét 14:23, 2 December 2007 (CET)